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Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka, a state endowed with rich and diversified agro-climatic zones with abundance of natural resources and produces a wide range of tropical and sub-tropical organic crops.

Bangalore is the ideal locale to become the focal center of organic farming in India. The city is located in the Deccan Plateau, and the districts surrounding it have a predominantly agricultural economy. Because of the ideal climatic conditions, these areas can support the cultivation of a vast variety of crops. The city itself can provide an ideal market for the products since a large clientele of educated, health and environment conscious individuals with high net worth and disposable income exists. Besides the city is an international destination for business travelers, and the hospitality industry will provide a strong customer base for the organic farm products.

Cultivation of organic crops is an ideal method of increasing the labour intensity and income generation potential of agricultural lands while meeting the growing needs for these essential food items. Net income from organic horticultural crops can be more than three to four times the average return from cereals. Horticultural crops can use upto 10 to 20 times more labour per hectare than cereals.

Although all favourable conditions exist for meeting the export potential, very small percentage of the organic farm production is being exported. Besides being an ideal market, Bangalore can act as a base for export. The city is well connected to various parts of the world by air and rail. The nearest sea port is Mangalore, 200 Km. from the city, which is connected by excellent highways. Refrigerated containers and similar facilities should be employed to take the fullest advantage offered.


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